Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grade Dis Shit

In this short essay I’m going to talk about how a lot of the main characters turned out to be human predators. The characters I’m going to talk about are Crooks, Curley and Curley’s wife. A predator is one that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one’s own gain.

The first person I would like to talk about it Crooks. Crooks is the only African American in the novel, His job was to take care of the horses. In the novel Of Mice and Men crooks was a human predator one particular time. In the novel George left Lennie alone to go out. While George was out Lennie decided to go up to Crooks room. When Lennie came in Crooks got mad and told him to leave. Crooks sounded very mad he said I’m not allowed to be in your room so you got to get out. Lennie then responded and Crooks found out that Lennie was slow. He then turned into a human predator. He started to tell him how George would leave him or he would get hurt. Lennie got real sad and started to cry. That part of the novel showed how Crooks was a predator. He victimized Lennie because he could. Crooks did this because he felt bad and it was easy to break Lennie down so he did.

Another character in this book that was a human predator was Curly. Curly was not self confident, he felt as though he had to show how powerful he was because he is shorter then the others. One of the main people Curly victimized was his wife. I think that Curly bossed his wife around because he wanted to show everybody that he ran his or her relationship. Curly also was very rude to Linnie, because Linnie was bigger then him and he wanted to show the other how brave and strong he was. After Curly found out that Linnie was slow he picked on him even more. In the novel Curly started to fight Linnie because he thought that he could make a fool of Lennie. It turned out that Lennie made a fool of him because he was stronger and crushed his hand.

The final human predator was Curly’s wife. She used her looks to victimize the other male workers. The main person that she victimized was Linnie. She tried to talk to him more then the other because she knew she could make him talk to her. In the novel would do little things to male linnie want to talk to her, she would pull on her dress and more. Another thing that she did to make linnie talk to her was open up to him and talk to him about stuff he would want to talk about.

In collusion I think that the author was trying to get across was that people could also be a predator. People are supposed to stick together but instead they find each other’s weakness and try to break the other person down. Only thinking about there selves.


Rudeness is the weak man's interpretation of strength. In the book Of Mice and Men Lennie was a very weak character but at the same time he was very strong. Some people picked on him but others just left him alone because of his retardation.

Even though he was retarded he accepted everyone as a friend even if they didn’t accept him. Crooks saw right through him and talked bad things about George, he instantly got mad. Lennie turned the tables and was about to fight Crooks so he told him there wasn't anything happen to George.

Lennie was retarded but was a very good worker. He could do twice the work of all of the other workers on the farm. He was a very strong man with a very bad disability.

He also couldn’t be very gentle with little things. He likes to pet little soft things then hurt them. He killed a puppy at the farm and before he came to the farm he used to kill mice.

As you can see Lennie was a very nice person but he was retarded. His one and only friend was George. Some of the farm workers despised him because he was such a great worker.

Symbols Essay

Of Mice and Men: Symbols

When most people think of an old friend, they think of great memories, shared times, and aging pastures. Who would have ever thought that such a wonderful friend would be seen as some type of dragging agony of suffrage? In the book entitled “Of Mice and Men”, Candy’s old dog symbolized crushed dreams. This symbolism was carried throughout the book until the dog was murdered. When the dog died so did Candy’s aspiration, energy, and hopes of succeeding in life. There was someone that surprisingly lived the same life Candy did in the struggle.
As vividly as I can remember, the sound of the urging bullet tearing through the dog’s head, not only ripped though one’s skull. It also sounded off emotions and signaled fear that Candy was now in this war called life, alone. In desperate measures, Candy turned to his only other option, himself. In a dark corner, he did the only thing that seemed as if could numb his body and hoping to heal his wombs. After thinking of the fatal womb repeatedly, Candy seemed to be the blame because he wasn’t the one to cast his dreams away, somehow to seemingly and infinitively put them to rest.
While reading the book, you could almost see the smile on Lenny’s face as he elaborated on “eating off the fat of the land”, coincidently, Candy wasn’t the only one brewing up unsettled dreams. Somehow it seemed that both George and Candy’s windmills were blowing in the same direction. Seemingly cooperating, Lenny agreed that he would tend the rabbits. In this fantasy world that they hoped to someday be reality, they set aside the drama and the “negative attention” and promised that they would make a family with life. They agreed with a very famous slogan without ever mentioning it, “if you cant beat it then join it, life being their only competition.
With a decrepit hand, bent back, and aging body, it was quite obvious that Candy could not do too much of anything on his own. In this condition, he came to the conclusion that his dog was the only one that felt his pain, breathed his air, the one that was on his side, the one that had to fight the same battle everyday. Not only the fight of life but also the fight with integrity, discipline and his demeanor. Curly was the heir of the throne and these battles were with one of his own, the master. This dream that Candy hoped to grasp, would settle all of these differences that the dog had already tragically lost too.
Like may teams, members lost, no the dog will no longer guard the great house with the white picket fence that once only existed in a dream. Lenny lost the fight to life, dreams were crushed, no, the rabbits will no longer be tamed, nor the chickens be rounded by him. Both Candy and George struggled to get where they felt they belonged in life, where they left there best friends off in the ongoing chapters of aspiration, energy and hopes of struggling in life. If you’re interested in success beyond the struggle and are wondering when will the storm end, it won’t. It would be wrong to convince you otherwise that would be wrong but if you need encouragement to never set aside your dream this is the book for you.

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What I Learned Today at the Park

DNA Molecule Phosphate-DNA is a double-stranded molecule twisted into a helix think of a spiral staircase. Each spiraling strand, comprised of a sugar-phosphate backbone and attached bases, is connected to a complementary strand by non-covalent hydrogen bonding between paired bases.

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Reason Why I Love U

"I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out."

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What is Service Learning?

Service-Learning is a form of experiential education where learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection as students work with others through a process of applying what they are learning to community problems and, at the same time, reflecting upon their experience as they seek to achieve real objectives for the community and deeper understanding and skills for themselves.

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Native Son
Mind Of Bigger

Within this chapter we as readers get an inside perspective of the mindset that Bigger Thomas has on his life. From the time that he spends trying to kill a rat that made it’s way into his one bedroom apartment to the reading of the words “YOU CAN’T WIN” flying across the sky liner of Southside Chicago, and all in between is a young black male who is stuck inside an mindset which can’t seem to stem past the walls of his little mind and more so poverty stricken Southside Chicago. So how will Bigger escape this little world of his, which does not go past those four walls? The answer is yet to be determined…………

Really on the inside...say no

Bigger and his friends come up with a plan to rob a store owned by a white man by the name of Mr. Blum. This is a turning point in the book of fear for the fact that Bigger and his gang have never robbed a white man. As Bigger forces his friend Gus to go along with the plan when he really wants him to say no. But why, Because Bigger is nothing more then a poser under pressure. Bigger really does not want to go along with it but to keep his manly image he will do what ever it takes to keep his name. So will he go through with it? Who knows what will happen at quarter too three…………

Quarter Too Three

At this point Bigger is pleased with the lateness of Gus. He’s happy because he is praying that they do not have to go through with the plan. But not too much later did Gus show up and bigger surly beat that living hell out of him. Bigger did that because he didn’t want to face his fear of robbing a white man. So how did he handle it? Caused a conflict with the group to prevent the plans from going through but in the larger picture to keep his name.